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Artificial Girl

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Artificial Girl is a software that makes your desktop come alive. With this software, any desktop becomes filled with attractive girls dancing, stripping, and performing for you. Artificial Girl features the hottest women that will entertain you.

The before mentioned Artificial Girl desktop enhancement software is a totally cost-free software that will make your screen filled with female strippers. The girls who are the part of this software will come to your display and entertain you with sexy teasing and stripping. You can continue working on your projects on your PC, and the babes of this software will only make you more productive and cheer you up. Also, you can continue with other work on your computer, and the attractive girls will keep on dancing and strip on the screen as long as you want.
The software is totally free, with no hidden costs and payment tricks. Also, Artificial Girl desktop software comes with free model updates, which means every now and then, new girl models stripping and dancing will enchance your screen. You can either choose will your babes strip non-nude or naked upon downloading new models, if you are a registered user. If you are not registered user, you can only download non-naked babes. The maximum number of hot women stripping, dancing, and teasing on every screen with this software is ten attractive girls. All of the babes of Artificial Girl deskmate software are shown in a quality and astonishing 3K resolution.
Artificial Girl can't be considered just as an adult deskmate software, it is something that will make your days better! Sexy girls of this software will do all their best with their sexy moves and dance to cheer you up on your gray days. Millions of users can confirm that the hot babes of this desktop app make their cloudy days bright.
The primary purpose of this software is mild adult entertainment for male, or even female PC users. This adult deskmate software offers you mild adult entertainment if you are an unregistered user. Unregistered users can be entertained with babes stripping and teasing on the bottom of the screen not fully nude.

Click here to download virtual girl software now

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