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Virtual Girl Desktop is a downloadable application that allows sexy babes to perform
multiple requests right on your screen. Our desk mate software places real
human ladies on Windows or Mac OS computer desktop.
They talk with you, tease and dance.
If you are bored of usual always-the-same desktop, try our incredibly hot virtua girls.
You can play with them, completely undress or make them to do striptease.

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They come with many different themes, outfits and special effects.
Red-hot beauties will prance along your screen in their skimpy lingerie which they can't wait to take off.
You can set them to do certain tasks like reminding you of appointments or just saying good morning.
If you are workaholic but you still would like to spice up your evenings, our virtua girls
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These exotic dancers will fulfill your every fantasy all day long. Exceptional high definition quality
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This app is designed to stimulate and motivate you while you work or play on your computer so get your free
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